RockGuard Arm Protection

New! Protect your arms from the rigors of Obstacle Course Racing.

New! RockGuard Arm Protection sleeves are designed to protect athlete’s arms during army crawls, trail running, mountain biking, rope climbing, obstacle course racing and any other sport that exposes the arms to minor injuries.

Made from durable lycra, RockGuard Arm sleeves are available in three sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit, and feature branded silicone beads to keep them securely in place. The lightweight material keeps arms out of the sun during hot seasons and provides an extra layer in the colder months.

Purpose Built

Lightweight Lycra® is quick drying for streamlined protection during physical activity, from scuffs, scrapes and the sun.

Complete Protection

We’re proud to offer protection for all of an athlete’s extremities. First your shins, now your arms.


Built for OCR

RockGuard Arm is our first “made for” Obstacle Course Racing product, and we’re proud of that.


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