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Everything you need. RockRub & Wipes.

Start treatment right out of the box.

We could have stopped at two incredible tools, but we didn’t. In addition to our Mallet and Mullet, every set of RockBlades includes a newly reformulated RockRub emollient and a pack of sanitizing wipes.

It’s everything you need to start treatment right out of the box.

Our new, reformulated RockRub is 100% natural – with Canola Oil, Beeswax, and Vitamin E. Fragrance free, it is the perfect emollient¬†for soft-tissue therapy, while helping to protect you and your patient’s skin.

A pack of sanitizing wipes not only cleans and disinfects your tools, they can be used to remove RockRub from your patients skin to prepare for kinesiology taping with RockTape.

Both RockRub and our sanitizing wipes have been carefully formulated to ease treatments and protect your RockBlades.


RockBlades IASTM System

The Mallet is available exclusively as part of the RockBlades IASTM system.

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