FMT Special Populations

Taping techniques for geriatric, pediatric & pregnant patients.

FMT Special Populations introduces the concept of movement therapy and enhancement via functional taping methods with populations who require special circumstances.  The populations include geriatric, pediatric and pregnant patient populations. The course includes a review of the current literature supporting the theory of kinesiology taping for the purposes of rehabilitation, edema/swelling management, neuropathic pain, scar and postural management for these populations. The course is intended for therapists and practitioners with all levels of taping experience.

All supplies needed for the course are provided.   There are no prerequisites for FMT Special Populations.

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This course is intended for healthcare professionals, therapists, trainers and coaches. All supplies needed for the course are provided. CEUs may be offered for DC, ATC, PT, LMTs and personal trainers – depending on location and class type. Certified professionals receive an additional 10% discount on purchases after taking a class.


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Education Objectives of FMT Special Populations

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the concept of a longitudinal muscle chain approach to the elastic therapeutic taping for special populations (geriatrics, pediatrics, pregnancy).
  • Discuss the physiological effects of kinesiology taping
  • Demonstrate functional taping and understand its use for the applications on geriatric, pediatric and neurological conditions.

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